Welcome To Stock Picks by Rigatoni

By profession, I am a Building/Renovation Contractor with over 30 years of experience. Since I always valued the wisdom and expertise of experts in my own business arena, I naturally sought out financial experts when I decided to invest my hard-earned money in the stock market. Thus I initiated and maintained numerous accounts monitored by several stockbrokers employed by various prestigious financial institutions. The faith I invested in these financial professionals proved to be largely unfounded.

After only 6 years, their best advice had caused my accounts to shrink in value by hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were even instances of outright pilferage of stocks and funds from some accounts, followed by denials of wrongdoing and outright lies. Totally frustrated and now distrustful of all stock gurus, I decided to assume TOTAL responsibility for my investment decisions. Thus began a journey of self-discovery coupled with untold hours of phone calls to CEO’s, reading of financial filings, and studying many investment books and magazines.

I began to develop a methodology to manage the madness that swirls around investment strategy and Wall Street. My newfound practice of patient due diligence and seeking out those companies that honestly disclosed all pertinent information about their progress and future aspirations FINALLY began to bear fruit. I discovered that the companies I felt most comfortable investing in were low-risk, high-upside firms that had bright futures. I also realized that there were many other companies that released news that allowed for profits to be made by purchasing their stock, carefully watching the rise in their share price, and exiting the position at a predetermined price point.

Today, I have high expectations for a bright investing future. I created this website because I earnestly desire to share my experience and knowledge with friends and subscribers old and new. Together WE can discover the stocks of the future WE wish to own and trade. By pooling our resources, WE can grow and prosper financially!